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Santa Dolls handcrafted by Aura

Our Santa's Story ...

In the magical world of Santa, children of all ages have anticipated and spent sleepless nights awaiting his arrival.

Now that I am an adult, I find such pleasure in creating Santas for everyone.

My desire is to make each Santa have their own personality. It's unique to be able to use materials to make Santas that one would not expect.

For example; Using recycled fur, special trim from sweaters, antique lace from gowns and velvet. The bodies of Santa are constructed with wire and padding. In the larger Santas I use wood and wire. This construction technique give more structural stability to the bigger Santa dolls.

Each Santa has different colored glass eyes.

If you desire custom Santa or any other dolls, custome pieces can be made. Santas can be made from clothing that has sentimental value to you.

As a child I loved the story of Santa. Now I pass the Santa's story onto my son and daughter. Just like Santa has helpers, I now have my daughter to help me.

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